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Emotional Archives 1

New Album of much requested archive recordings,
6.00 (GBP)

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"Circles", (the 'Mental Instrumental') is very much a work in progress and not yet complete but I thought you might like to hear where it's going,.. well sort of. I just created the beast some time ago now. it's become a bit of an 'unfinished symphony' and I'm hanging on for the ride really! Yes it is 21 minutes long and not a single loop in use!

It never ceases to amaze me how so many of you support me with my music. Really,.. thank you, you have no idea how much it means to me to have loyal fans out there!
I'm back out playing live gigs. I was kinda expecting my legs to give out after the injuries I've had but somehow, with a little high-grade metal-work, I'm back on the road again! I still mess about in the studio here but if you want to get hold of your own copies of my tracks without being at a gig, you'll have to ask for mp3 or CD versions by email. There's the link on the left here under all the buttons for that, and any other comments or questions you have.


"A Soldier", Video

Thanks to the efforts of Kit Larsen from Minnesota,..
a truely amazing lady!

Another fan, WOZ has put this one together for "Rainbow",..


More from You Tube,..
With Adam Croucher, live at The Garage Swansea,...

With Luc Peshte, live at The Tavern Swansea,...

"Take It or Leave It!" CD,..
It's a re-mix of the original album,.. OK?
I recorded the first "album" on a cassette format only. To be honest, it was really a demo that got a bit out of hand. So many people asked for a copy, I added a few extra tracks to make having it, worth it. It was done on a Sansui 6 track machine and sold far more copies than intended,.. I know I had two runs of 250 done, plus the load I lost count of on the decks at home!
No accounting for taste I guess. I was not happy with the quality and hence this CD is the original tracks, given some (quite a lot of) digital cleaning,.. I would have done a complete re-mix although the original multi-track is long gone and was in a format I can't use anyway.
If you want a copy of this one, just drop me an email It costs 6.99 plus postage to wherever you are,..
... that's gonna be a variable depending on where you are.


This was written principally for my daughter Ruth, as the title suggests I s'pose. I'd split with her mother and tried to stay friendly, which meant going to baby-sit when she went out for the evening. The chorus really was the result of a converstaion with a very sleepy little girl, who believed in fairy-tale endings.
It also has a second interpretation; that of a daddy in some uniform, coming back to watch over his little princess. I'm currently working on a video idea to go with this. If you were one of the many people who called me a b*****d for singing this song and making you feel stuff you thought was well hidden and I know there's lot of you out there watching this space,..
don't watch the video when it comes out.


I guess music takes its toll on my relationships, or maybe I just fell for the wrong girls. This was me looking at what I knew was coming,.. I just couldn't do much to stop the train,..


Dedicated to a famous war photographer and based on a comment he made about sending home the pictures, only to have the editor say,..
"I can't give people this stuff to look at when they are eating breakfast!"


I once knew this really classy girl and for a while, thought she actually liked me,.. I was young,..
she broke my friggin' heart.


The girl in this song does exist,.. I don't know if she realises this song is about her.
Frankly, I don't give a damn!

Men are macho, right? Yeah,.. and they are hard right? Yeah,.. and they don't cry right? Yeah,.. right,..


Drinking and driving is a bit like playing russian roulette with a 4inch pack howitzer (friggin' huge army gun), only you point it at random crowds and yer mates,.. with no idea if it's loaded tonight
or not,..


"Tweaked" 15/05/2007

just a counter,..

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